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Building Controls
The specifics of Building regulations are also known as building controls. These controls ensure proper planning and systems of construction. For example within the building plans:


  • A roof structure must be sound,
  • Fire planning must be addressed,
  • The conversion is weatherproof,
  • Insulation materials are high quality,
  • Waste pipes from toilets, showers and baths must not be over length or under angle,
  • Stairs are safe to climb and with banister rails,
  • Insulation of floors, walls and ceiling are adequate for energy efficiency.



Loft Legislation - Relevant acts:

  • The Building Act 1984
  • The Building Regulations 1985
  • Mandatory Rules for Means of Escape
  • Manual on Building Regulations 1985





Approved documents:

      • Fire
      • Weather resistance
      • Cavity insulation
      • Drainage and waste disposal
      • Heating appliances
      • Stairs, ramps and guards
      • Insulation and energy conservation
    • BRE report - Thermal insulation



    The above are enacted in:

      • Codes of Practice
      • British Standards
      • Building Research
      • Establishment reports
      • Agreement Certificates
    Test data from approved sources



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Building Controls


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