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Lantern are a majestic and memorable choice for larger conservatories. Not only do they add a feeling of height to the overall structure, but the use of glass rather than polycarbonate increases light levels and gives you an unhindered view of the sky above.


Lantern roofs are the perfect finishing touch to any large conservatory. Formed by a second tier of windows to the main roof, Lanterns add height and presence to the overall construction. More than that, they also help to increase the feeling of interior space.







The second tier of windows can also incorporate openers to increase ventilation as well as decorative glazing panels for the ultimate in aesthetic appeal.


Bespoke and Combination conservatories are everything their titles suggest. They offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility by combining two styles - such as the Georgian and the Sunroom - or by adapting an existing style so that it can be used in the shape of a 'P'. This gives you two distinctive areas which can be used however your heart desires - maybe using one for dining and the other for relaxing. Other widely used combination styles include T-Shaped and B-Shaped. The choice - and the flexibility - is yours.