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With house prices now into double digit falls of 10.9% demand for loft conversions could be set to increase. With no end in sight to the current housing market troubles many people are finding themselves in a position where they need additional space but are unable to sell their home and buy a bigger house.


While builders of new homes are having a tough time, builders specialising in extensions and conversions are finding there is a strong demand for their services. For most homeowners there comes that point when you say to yourself "We need a bigger house!"


It may be that you have a growing family, or starting a business and need space for an office, maybe you need an extra room to use as a studio or you would just like to have a spare room for when guests stay over.

So having made the decision that you need a bigger house you then encounter the next problem, these days it's very expensive to move house, what with stamp duties and estate agent fees, removal fees and of course all the stress that goes hand in hand with moving home.

There is a cost effective alternative to moving house, increasing numbers of people are now deciding that it's better to move up rather than out and are opting to make use of the space in the loft of their house. Adding an extra room to your existing house removes the hassle and stress of moving and will add value to your home.


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